Bluhawk Market Place – Overland Park, KS

Our portion of this project included three large concrete slabs, extensive sidewalk, paving, curbing, v-cuts, multi-textured sandblasted concrete, decorative concrete walls and colored decorative sidewalks. 

Amtrak Station – Independence, MO

This project included the removal and replacement of concrete paving and curbing as well as the installation of ADA detectable warning surfaces. Unique to this project was the use of an alternative product known as Strongwarn SW ADA -1000/2000 Detectable Warning Surfaces which is applied directly onto existing concrete.  Nearly 400 linear feet of this alternative ADA detectable warning surface was installed at the boarding platform.

Kessler Park – Embankment Slides

Two extraordinary black concrete slides were poured to make this Kansas City park truly one-of-a-kind.