Recent Projects


On this project we installed over 900 FT of footing and  foundation walls, added 52 piers with anchor bolts, interior floor with multiple elevations including a freezer slab. In addition to this project we poured more than 20,000 SQ FT of concrete for the floor.

Alhaven Kansas City

 This multi-unit apartment building consisted of over 10,000 SQ FT concrete slab with welded wire, and 1,400 linear Ft  of footings and foundation walls. Also constructed on this project were ADA ramps, ADA compliant sidewalk, 400 FT of curb, light pole bases, elevator shaft walls, check dam and edge restraints for a permeable paver system.

Bluhawk NVA & Tenant Finish

 This emergency veterinary clinic built at bluhawk is comprised of 500 linear ft of footings, 34 piers, 10,150 SQ FT of concrete flooring with welded wire. Site work consisted of dumpster footing, pad, apron, light pole bases, 1,200 Ft of curb, sandblasted colored concrete crosswalk, 5 ADA ramps, and 2,800 Ft of sidewalk.

Eileen's Place

This muti-building apartment complex total footprint is over 4.5 acres. All American Contracting llc was on this project from the ground up. Which included footings, foundation walls, floor slab, and a storm shelter. Site work consisted of curb and gutter, sidewalk, ADA ramps, dumpster pads with pipe bollards, and light pole bases. 

Kessler Park

This ornate project consisted of slope earth work, footings, and polished colored concrete embankment slides. It was a tough project that would put any finisher to the test.

The Madison

This 90,000 SQ FT Senior Living Facility features of an indoor pool, movie theatre, and dining area.  Attached are individual living, assisted living, and memory care units. With three outdoor interior courtyards. All American Contracting LLC poured 4,400 linear FT of footings, over 90,000 SQ FT of floor slab, 5,400 linear FT of curb, over 50 light pole bases, multiple dumpster areas, paving, and sidewalk.  

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