How much will my project cost? For an explanation of our prices, please see the information provided on the Pricing page by clicking the Pricing tab above.

How do I get an estimate? Call 816-215-7747 or email mike@aacnkc.com to schedule a free estimate.

Can I do part of my decorative project now, and the other part at a later date? Yes, however if you choose to use color you must pour all concrete of each color at the same time. Pouring colored concrete in separate pours will result in a variation of color.

Do you use a gravel base? Yes, upon request for back patios.

Do you use rebar? Yes, rebar is placed on approximately 2 ft centers each way to ensure stability and strength.

How long will my project take? Projects vary depending on size, preparation, details and weather.  The average projects take 1-3 days.

What happens if it the weather is bad? If we experience weather conditions that prevent us from completing the project as scheduled we will promptly notify you of the next available date to continue the project.  This date is usually within 1-2 weeks from the inclement weather.

Will the concrete crack? There is no guarantee that concrete will not crack.  Rebar and tooled control joints or saw cuts are used to control and minimize the appearance of cracks.

Are any permits needed for my new driveway? Yes, if we are replacing your driveway to the street you will need to get a Right of Way permit from your city hall. Please contact us if you have any questions and after you receive a permit number.

Is the permit expensive? Permits typically start at around $35.00.

What if my question is not on this page? Please feel free to call the office at 816-215-7747, we will be happy to answer your questions.